About Me

Përshëndetje! My name is Eric Uribe and this is the blog of a Peace Corps volunteer in Kosovo!

I arrived in Kosovo on June 2, 2018 and became an official Peace Corps Volunteer on August 10, 2018 along with 35 other volunteers in Kos5. I am serving as an education volunteer where I am a TEFL teacher in a local school.

I created this blog for these four simple reasons:

  1.  I believe every part of my life should be documented because I know if I blink for even a minute I can miss a whole lot. And I want to be able to go back and relive all of the beautiful moments this experience has/had/will have to offer me.
  2.  My family and friends are 6,400+ miles away and this is my way of keeping them connected while simultaneously sharing the beautiful Kosovar culture with as many people as I can through the posts on my blog.
  3.  I want to showcase what amazing work the Peace Corps does and the changes in the US, my community in Kosovo, and the world (however small) I am making every day by being here.
  4.  And perhaps most importantly, to hopefully inspire future Peace Corps Volunteers who may be interested in everything Kosovo has to offer!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!