Happy Halloween from Kosovo

If you know me, you know I LOVE Halloween. I’m not into horror movies or those scary mazes where men in masks chase you with fake chainsaws, but I do love dressing up and partying with my friends! For the past three years, I’ve hosted Halloween parties back home and there was no way that I would let being in a foreign country that doesn’t even celebrate Halloween stop me from carrying out my tradition.

So with the help of my good friend, Audrianna, we started planning a Halloween party via WhatsApp. (Quick Detour: Audrianna has a little stuffed gnome named Radar that she takes everywhere with her here in Kosovo and he is highly regarded amongst all PCVs here). We joked about making the theme of the party Radar and set a strict dress code: you MUST dress as Radar or a gnome to be granted entry to the party.

So the Friday before Halloween, we all met up in Prishtina and decided to begin our holiday festivities with some fun pumpkin carving!

Me trying not to get stabbed
Christina and a pumpkin head

After pumpkin carving at the pub, we returned to our apartment to decorate and get all dressed up for the party!

Audrianna and I
Katie, Radar, and Me

I’ve only known these people for five months, but I’m so happy they spent one of my favorite holidays with me—just being silly and enjoying each other’s spooky company.

Now it’s time to get to work on next year’s Halloween party theme!

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