My Month in Under 5 Minutes: July 2018

I’m sorry for the delay in posting this month’s video, but the original file got corrupted and then I was hit with an end of PST rush; but here it is!

I figured this time I’ll write a sentence about each day/moment featured to give you all a bit more context about my days in Kosovo!

June 1: Eating delicious pitë me spinach outside; our dog, Boki, enjoying being let off his chains

June 2: Michaela and I enjoying a bus ride!

June 3: The celebration of the day a goddess was born, AKA my best friend Christina! We attended the PC office in the capitol for a 4th of July BBQ and were free to explore with a current Kos4 volunteer!

June 4: A fun gathering at a fellow PCT’s home!

June 5: Never tried this food before and forgot what it was called!

June 6: Finally, the rest of my village got to see the goats and sheep!

June 7: An organized simulation of buying/ordering food in Shqip, my host brother and cousin feeding the chickens!

June 8: More corn!

June 9: Beautiful views!

June 10: Kosovo’s stinkiest dog, Snowball, the cab driver bought us all ice cream!

June 11: My host mom making flija!

June 12: Christina being beautiful and our visit to Prizren!

June 13: Ushqimi! Little Messi!

June 14: PCT Sam’s yard!

June 15: I tried to teach myself Shqip by reading Harry Potter… it’s harder than it looks!

June 16: Medical visit to Skopje!

June 17: Walking home!

June 18: Village kids being active!

June 19: Practicum

June 20: A canoe is not a boat.

June 21: We visited a Serbian Orthodox monastery!

June 22: Town carnival!

June 23: A lesson I taught!

June 24: Final day of practicum!

June 25: My talented friend and the day we learned our permanent sites!

June 26: Bros playing piano together!

June 27: Meeting our host families and off to site visits!

June 28: First full day visiting site!

June 29: It’s beautiful isn’t it?! That sunset!

June 30: Me being an idiot! And also I waited 2 months to try the KFC in Kosovo!

June 31: I got to see my favorite Kosovar artist, Capital T, live!

Faleminderit dhe shihemi me vonë!

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