Muzikë Monday #3

This week’s Muzikë Monday is dedicated to my ten year old host sister who listens to this song at least five times a day at full volume!

When I first got here I kept hearing about this “Çika Çika” song and everyone had strong feelings about it. So, being the pop music aficionado I am, I went to Ardian Bujupi’s YouTube account and gave it a listen. My instant verdict: BOP! (Also tell me why so many of my fellow PCTs don’t know what the word bop means!? I’m honestly disappointed)

Çika Çika is by Prishtina-born artist Ardian Bujupi. It always blows my mind to see these wildly successful artists making such great music coming from Kosovo. Not because Kosovo doesn’t have talent, but because it has so much—especially being a tiny little state hidden in the heart of Europe. I think the most interesting thing about Ardian Bujupi is that he was born in Kosovo, but moved to Germany as a baby. He embraces both his Shqiptar (Albanian) identity and his German identity and makes songs in both languages. I was fascinated to read the comments on his Albanian songs which were all in Albanian of course, and then the comments on his German songs which were all in German; showing that he has two completely different fan bases but still consistently makes hits that are true to his ethnic and national identities.