A Day Trip to Novobërdë

On Friday I met with my cohort in Kamenica where we all got on a bus to Novobërdë! I’m not a historian, but the quick rundown about Novobërdë is that it is a small town in the north of Kosovo which houses a medieval fortress and is now an archaeological site.

After a reaaaally scary ride up a windy mountain road (where the bus rolled back a few feet, causing me to have a mini heart attack and my friend Christina to laugh at said mini heart attack) we made it to a restaurant that I’m blanking on the name of right now. The waiters must not see many Americans because I noticed one of them recording us all for the ‘Gram. I didn’t mind though because it makes me feel famous. And also their food and bread was delicious! After eating, my friends and I snapped a couple of cute pictures and went back on our way to the fortress!

I didn’t snap any photos, but I also got to see the inside of a mosque for the first time. I’m excited to actually attend with my family during Bajram!

Our final stop of the trip was to the mausoleum of a Serbian saint named Saint Lazar. There is a legend that says if you flip over a tile on the roof of the mausoleum you will be married within six months! Now, I’m not a superstitious person, but I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. Here’s to getting married!

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