First Four Days in Kosova

What has only been four days in the beautiful country of Kosovo (at the time I originally wrote this post) seems like five weeks! Not necessarily in a bad way at all, but because other Peace Corps Volunteers and RPCVs weren’t lying when they said you hit the ground running at orientation. It really has been nonstop bombardment of information since we stepped off the plane in Pristina but I understand it is mostly everything I need to know to set myself up for success here in Kosovo. I won’t talk too much about the details of orientation (it really isn’t all that interesting to read about), but I am happy that I’ve made so many good friends that I am excited to share this service with. When you’re forced to live with 39 other strangers in a hotel for half a week you quickly make some pretty strong bonds, it turns out.

But this is a blog to keep my family and friends back home updated on what I am up to so here’s a bit about what went down in Gjilan. We all shared hotel rooms with other trainees (I was unlucky enough to be on the top floor with two 50 pound bags and no elevator access). I took part in a lot of workshops about safety and security, gender, culture, language classes, and some other stuff. Exploring the city by myself and with my new friends was my favorite thing I did there. Just experiencing Kosovo for the first time with others was a great bonding moment.

I’ll leave this post with some pictures because they tell a better story than I can. And plus, I have way more to share about my time so far in my Pre-Service Training homestay; and I’ve only been here for three days!

P.S. I think I drank about 6 macchiatos a day while in Gjilan!

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