A Boy in Washington D.C.

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a little while since my first post but so much has happened since then and I’m just lying in bed in my hotel room anyway so I figured it’s time for an update!

If you really know me then you know I am the king of procrastination. So it’s only right that I finished my packing at 3 AM knowing full well I had to be up at 3:45 AM to catch my flight to Washington D.C. (One day I’ll stop the nonsense…but probably not any time soon!)

I arrived in Washington D.C. for my Peace Corps staging on May 30th and since I was a day early I decided to explore the capitol a bit. I figured I would just walk the couple miles to the White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial (and what a bad idea that was!) My new shoes hadn’t been broken in yet and cut up the back of my ankles pretty bad, which has caused me a lot of pain today!

A very pretty house… I wonder who lives here

I think Abe here and I would have been great friends!

As you can probably tell, I was really happy to see some really cool places and monuments—even if I did only stay for a short amount of time! But hey! I’ll just have to visit again.

Today (at the time of writing this) I officially became a Peace Corps Kosovo Trainee!!! Three exclamations!!! That’s how you know it’s serious business! The fact that I not only joined but am leaving for the Peace Corps for the next two years still hasn’t really hit me, but when I heard we were officially trainees my heart stopped a little bit. (Because of the realization and also the excitement)

All forty of my fellow trainees met together in a hotel conference room for a couple hours of orientation, which is what we call “staging,” and I got to meet and talk with some really interesting and great people. In fact, I even met a girl in my cohort from Fresno! It was a strange moment to hear her tell me she was from there as well but a good thing because now I will have that connection to home that I can share with someone during my service. I don’t know what all of our feelings are going to be like towards each other after we spend the next full day traveling to Kosovo together (because exhaustion + hunger + travel + 40 personalities probably isn’t an equation I want to solve!) but I’m really getting along with everyone here! I can see some great friendships forming in the coming months during PST.

By the next time I post I’ll have arrived in Kosovo! And hopefully I’ll have more interesting stories to tell by then!

For now, naten e mire.

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